What We Do

Shortt Solutions, technical, business planning, project management and unique funding approach helps clients realise
viable options in energy from solar, wind, marine, geothermal, and bio-fuel sources.

We work with governments, First Nations, businesses, developers and the energy sector worldwide to incorporate
renewables into robust energy strategies, as well as buildings, rural and urban developments

  • Energy Infrastructure

  • Leverage the most energy efficient
    technologies developed by the best global companies. We don’t just help our clients understand the evolving energy landscape—we partner with them to achieve cost improvements and reduced emissions across the energy landscape.
  • Shortt Solutions conducts an audit of your energy infrastructure and partners with the world’s most experienced organizations to define the most effective strategy for implementation. We design a solution with our partners that are some of the leading brands in the industry to ensure the best outcome. Everything is completely secured, insured and maintained so there is no financial risk or increase in debt.
  • Our unique approach to financial modeling and optimization of energy consumption ensures long term cost savings and reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Energy Cost Reduction

  • We take on the responsibility to establish a baseline of infrastructure and energy cost associated to the current assets in your infrastructure. The end result is long term energy cost stability.
  • We ensure that all systems are optimized with fixed payments for the duration of the program to meet your specifications, and we guarantee rebates on the base-lined energy agreement. Your energy contracts are managed utilizing existing relationships, partnerships, and vendors to achieve your goals.
  • We conduct budget verification as well as manage and pay your monthly energy bill.
  • Budget Benefits

  • Our approach eliminates the need for Capital cost upfront to modernize the energy infrastructure, this avoids costly and time consuming RFP process for all organizations.
  • We implement the best of breed technologies to ensure lower cost of energy and factor in the current operational cost of energy, the end result is long term cost saving, improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.
  • Since we are taking on the long term responsibility to provide energy at lower cost and reduced carbon emissions, it is in our interest to make sure that we deliver the best possible energy infrastructure solution.